Kendall and Jeffrey with Bernice and Evelyn

Pet-Friendly Rooms at the Welch House

We have two rooms at the Welch House that are designated as "pet-friendly" rooms: #15 (Deepwater) and #16 (SeaFoam). Both these rooms have private outside entrances on the lower level facing the harbor, and each has a medium pet bed, water bowl, and pet towel (for wiping wet paws). You may also bring your pet's own bedding and belongings. Pets are not permitted in any other rooms at the inn.

Guests in these two rooms may bring a single dog weighing less than 50lbs. Multiple dogs and larger animals would be more comfortable elsewhere, as these rooms are not large enough to comfortably accommodate them. If your pet has anxiety issues or is aggressive by nature, please consider other accommodations.

We work hard to ensure that these rooms are kept very clean. All guests traveling with a pet will be charged a pet fee to cover the inevitable extra cleaning, wear and tear, etc. Minimum fee is $25 for stays of three days or less, stays of four days or more will be charged $50.

All pet owners are asked to observe the following guidelines, as failure to do so may result in circumstances unpleasant to us all.

Pets are not allowed in the living room or dining room, or on the top deck of the inn. Well behaved pets are allowed to join you on the main deck for breakfast, as long as they are on a leash. Please do not leave your pet unattended in your room. Mealtimes are an exception, but pets must be crated whenever you are not present. Please return promptly to care for your pet.

Pets may be walked on the back lawn, below the deck. There are also some great parks and trails in the area. You are expected to pick up immediately after your pet. If pets make excessive noise and disturb other guests, you and your pet may be asked to leave. No refunds will be offered under such circumstances.

We even have a nifty pet store called Two Salty Dogs located at the bottom of the hill for you and your pooch to peruse.