Places to Shop in Boothbay Harbor

Shopping at a local gallery.


  • Fine Art Galleries - Painting & Sculpture
    Joy to the Wind Studio
    Work by the owners, John & Lynne Seitzer.
    Wide variety of pieces dealing with the Sea, the Southwest, Abstracts, Potraits and Spirituality. Oil, Watercolor and Pastel. - 207.633.7025
    allen david Gallery
    Work by the Owner, Allen Bunker and over a dozen more local artists.
    Incredible space, great artists, and some really interesting pieces. Check out the spectacular fiber arts accessories. - 207.633.0003
    Gleason Fine Art
    Dennis & Marty have a great eye for talent and represent some of the areas best painters and sculptors. - 207.633.6849
    Head of the Harbor
    Roger has a large body of sea & shore work, based both here in Maine and in South Carolina. - 207.633.1001
    Coco Vivo Fine Art & Design
    Fine interior design by Mary Phelps and Kate Tackett. - 207.633.0671
    Boothbay Region Art Foundation
    An excellent venue for the smaller, local artist. - 207.633.2703

  • Artisans & Handicrafts
    Really neat collection of sculpture, painings, glass, metalwork and other unusual medium by contemporary artists around the world. - 207.633.2166
    The Palabra Shop
    Very cool little shop that has a wide variety of merchandise. Wade through the souvenir stuff up front to find the unique collections of antiques in the back. - 207.633.4225
    Casual Interiors
    Antiques, fine handcrafted home furnishings & gifts inspired by nature & the sea.
    Facebook - 207.633.4273
    Mung Bean
    An ecclectic mix of Pottery, Jewelry, Hand-screened T-Shirts, Wood Carvings, Toys, Metalwork & Woodenware. - 207.633.5512
    Sweet Bay
    A wide variety of unique gifts, from their famous "Sail Bags" to Goldfish Guitars, artwork from local artists to pottery from Maine and Canada. All stock is hand-picked by the owners while they travel throughout the Northeast. - 207.633.0600
    Boothbay Harbor Artisans
    Everything is handmade in Maine and they feature stained glass, jewelry, metal, wood, pottery, home accessories, paintings, lamps, prints, glass, and more!
    Faceboob - 207.633.1152

  • Jewelry
    A Silver Lining
    Tony is the creator of the Maine Bracelet and carries a great selection of Gold and Silver jewelry. - 207.633.4103
    John Edwards
    Family owned, located in the heart of the Harbor! Specialize in custom designs - a full service jewelry store. - 207.633.4411
    Sadie Green's Curiosity Shop
    Very interesting mix of, well, curios. - 207.633.0573
    The Ritz
    The Ritz specializes in Estate Jewelry and has a beautiful selection to choose from.
    Facebook - 207.633.6484

  • Clothing
    House of Logan
    Two locations in town; House of Logan and the Village Store. High quality clothing and items for the home. - 207.633.2239
    Gretchen's Closet
    Gretchen's sense of style and taste shine through in this ecclectic collection of woman's clothing.
    Gretchen's Closet - 207.633.5088
    Fine collection of woman's clothing.
    The Loft
    Located above Gimbels Country Store, The Loft has a great selection of clothing from Golf Club to Yacht Club.
    Unique ladies' boutique carrying an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, and footwear.
    Classic cothing store that carries fine sports clothes in addition to hardy work clothes. This is where you can buy "real" foul-weather clothes and Grundens. - 207.633.3262
    The Cannery
    Carries an extensive line of Fresh Produce wear. - 207.633.6503
    Log Cabin Shoes
    An everchanging product selection including Teva, Merrell, Sebago, Clarks, Sperry Topsiders, Bog Boots, Minnetonka Moccasins, Muck Boots, and Dockers.

  • Fun Stuff
    A middle-earth, fairy, alternative religion, new-age LARPER's paradise. Several floors of books, memorabilia, jewelry, tarot cards and other good stuff. - 207.633.4992
    Eventide Specialties
    Eventide specializes in rare Olive Oils and Balsamic Condimento and carries a remarkable selection from Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, California, France, Australia, Argentina and Chile, amongst others. - 207.350.4244
    The Palabra Shop
    Very cool little shop that has a wide variety of merchandise. Wade through the souvenir stuff up front to find the unique collections of antiques in the back. - 207.633.4225
    Sherman's Books
    Sherman's has the distinction of being the oldest bookstore in Maine that offers not only the daily read, but also games, cards and office supplies. - 207.633.7262
    Gimbel & Sons/The Smiling Cow
    Great selection of gifts, clothing & excessories, and souvenirs.
    Life is Good
    Well. It is. When I see Happy Jake, I want to be Happy Michael.