“This was a real nice Clambake…”

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As you may know, the movie version of the musical Carousel was filmed in Boothbay Harbor.

While checking in some guests today I learned of a personal connection they have to that movie and this place. Jerry’s brother, Bill Foster, was a dancer in Carousel as well as a number of other Hollywood musicals of that era (Bandwagon, Stars and Stripes Forever).

Shirley Jones with Boothbay Harbor in the background
That is our harbor in the background, folks!

Jerry and his wife shared with me how much he loved filming here, and that he (and they) have always had a soft spot in their hearts for BBH because of it. Bill went on to become a choreographer (The Best Things in Life are Free, Mardi Gras) and worked with people like Marilyn Monroe and Bob Fosse, and to direct a number of television shows (like the Danny Kaye Show). Being fans of musical theater and film, this was very fun for us to hear!

Though Bill passed away recently, it’s nice that his work lives on, and that his family shares his affinity for this little corner of the world.