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One of more enjoyable aspects of having a Bed & Breakfast is being being to call the shots concerning the menu, and being a Bed & Breakfast in Maine affords us some extraordinary ingredient choices.

Local fresh blueberries and other fruit, crabs, lobster, vegetables, herbs, eggs, coffee, cheese, maple syrup, honey, the list goes on and on. All these ingredients find their way to your plate courtesy of innumerable professionals around the state. I want to take a posting or two and talk about some of my favorites.

Wicked Joe is a small (but growing) coffee roaster that has been providing our Welch House Blend for several years.

This is Bob, the Owner and Founder of Wicked Joe.
Bob Garver, of Wicked Joe Fame

See how Bob is tasting the coffees? Well, when we were searching for a blend we decided on our “formula” by tasting, like you would wines. I won’t tell you the secret formula of Welch House coffee, but suffice to say you won’t find our blend at DD. Why go to such lengths for coffee? Well, when you leave our breakfast room, odds are that our coffee will be the last thing on your lips, and as such, it should leave you with a good, lasting memory.

Wicked Joe isn’t the first coffee purveyor we found . . . in fact, we used three or four other small roasters that just didn’t measure up in the end. But Wicked Joe has stood out in just about every way.

Here’s why we’re loyal fans:

  • Their coffees are certified Organic and Fair Trade, but are also certified Bird Friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, and they belong to the Rainforest Alliance, Cup of Excellence, Direct Trade Relationship and other sustainable coffee organizations.
  • The product is consistently excellent.
  • The Staff is exceptional; Take Bryden, our Sales Rep., for example. During the Summer he is constantly dealing with frantic Innkeepers (like me) who don’t have enough sense to plan ahead on their orders. He does it, year in and year out with patience and a genuine desire to make sure we’re happy.
  • Most important, they’re located down route 1 in Brunswick and I know that each pound of coffee we buy helps keep several of our neighbors employed.

So wait. We get a superior product that is uniquely designed and produced for the Welch House, it is delivered to  our door and most important, guests rave about it. Talk about your “Win-Win”.


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