Spring. . .

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I usually do not “like” Facebook.

Although there are sometimes funny and even poignant communications going back and forth, I have a hard time with a computer application telling me what to do. That is Susan’s job, and Susan’s job alone.

I have no idea where this photo came from, but whoever did it, thanks from a grateful Maine.
Did you get all misty? I did.

If you live anywhere in the north, especially the northeast, you know only too well what a nasty winter we’ve had. Its been long, cold, and gray. How cold, you ask? The Harbor actually froze over.

For cryin’ out loud.

It wasn’t just us here in Maine. I’ve been getting reports from guests from all over New England that the winter has been as bad, if not worse, for them. We had some guests from Bangor a few weeks back and as we looked out over the deck during a rain storm, I remarked “Gee… At least its not snow!”.

As it turns out, that was a very cruel thing to say to them, as they still had a foot of snow on the ground, and this storm was going to add several inches of new powder to their already too-thick base.

For us in the Harbor at least, the temperature is in the 50’s and most of the snow is long gone. There are Snowdrops and other hardy plants poking up. As a town we’re starting to feel guilty about the peeling paint and sagging fences, so the sound of hammers and power tools are a constant hum in the background.

The only indication that it is really, truly Spring? Our Spring party, Fisherman’s Festival, is at the end of the month (April 25th – 27th). There will be the Miss Shrimp contest, Lobster Boat Races, Tug-of-Wars, Cod Fish Relay Races, Oyster Shucking contests and more. Johovah Stover and the Holy Mackerels, Krewe de Groove, The Boneheads, Doug Gimbel and others will be providing music. If you want to celebrate Spring with us, come on up. Click Here for more information, or give us a call at 800.279.7313.