Christmas at the Welch House

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Well, if you live anywhere in the Eastern United States you don’t have to be reminded that winter is just around the corner, and yes, it can snow in October.

Susan and MJ with Santa
Susan and MJ with Santa

That also means that Christmas is right around the corner, too.

I know, I know. I can hear the groans already. I’m no expert in the field of gift-giving, but I like to think of myself as being wise in the ways of the world. I’d like to share a couple of ideas of mine that help me make this time of year a little more satisfying.

  • Less is More – In fact, when our kids were growing up, Susan and I decided pretty much everybody had too much stuff, and although we didn’t stop giving gifts entirely, we started to donate to Heifer International, a non-profit that distributes animals that you buy to destitute people around the world. The kids were thrilled to pick out the animals, and really felt they were doing something good for people in need
  • Are You Handy? – I have given jewelry that I make to my family for the past several years. I’m no genius artist guy, but I love working in silver and I have to say that when you make something for someone, you are focused on the recipient during the entire creation process. I like that part the best.
  • Buy Local, Give Global – We are extremely lucky to live in a part of the United States where a huge number of artisans live. I have friends and neighbors that create paintings, sculpture, fiber arts, jewelry and even food like breads, cheeses and smoked meats. I’m going to buy something from them and ship it around the world, rather than buy something from around the world and give it to my friends.
  • Do All You Want To Do…Then Stop – I believe that one of the perceived problems with Christmas Shopping is the feeling that you must press on… Just stop. Take a deep breath. I’ll stop for a beer, but you can stop and have a sweet tea, too.
  • Lastly, Do your Gift-giving someplace warm – That’s right. Take advantage of our “90 Years, 90 Dollars” Special and and spend time with us here in Boothbay Harbor before Christmas.  Buy a Welch House Gift Certificate. Enjoy the shopping, food and Christmas cheer that you can only find in Maine.

Outside with the Welch House decorated.
The Welch House decorated for Christmas.

Then get out of Dodge and head south.


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