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Remember last blog I said “Art, Art, Art . . . You can never have enough good Art”?

Well I meant it. In Boothbay Harbor (and yes, East Boothbay, Boothbay and West Boothbay, too) we have some extremely talented artists, many who keep their galleries open in the off season.

John & Lynne Seitzer of Joy to the Wind Gallery.

Today I want to feature John & Lynne Seitzer of Joy to the Wind Gallery.

You can’t really stuff John & Lynne’s styles into a box . . .  They do Seascapes, Landscapes, Abstract, Inpressionist, depending on their mood. One of the things that I like the most about John & Lynne is that the way they express themselves artistically is as varied as what they want to say.

Consequently, their styles and mediums change to suit their voice at the time, so their art has a very personal and fresh feel.

Here’s one of Lynne’s that I like alot entitled “Sunrise”:

Sunrise by Lynne Seitzer of Joy to the Wind Gallery.

I’m a sucker for warm colors and an image depth like this (and shiny objects, too).

And here’s one of John’s that I really like called “Tied Up at the Coop”:

Tied Up at the Coop by John Seitzer of Joy to the Wind Gallery.

He is very, very good with his light, shadow and reflections.

In addition to being excellent artists, they are also two great people with a genuinely positive outlike on life. I tap into them when I need physic full-up (but do not Top Off).

Take a look at their gallery at Joy to the Wind Gallery, or when you’re in Boothbay Harbor, drop in and take a look. Thier gallery is located at:

34 Atlantic Ave
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Right across the harbor from The Welch House Inn.


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