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As usual, when Susan and I have some spare time, we try to get to Portland to see her folks or partake in some other urban diversion.

Decided to try a restaurant called “Blue Spoon”, located on Munjoy Hill on the East Side. While they don’t have a website, you can get plenty of information about the spot on the Portland Food Map. (That’s a really great resource, but another blog at another time).

The atmosphere is very cool…Large windows overlooking the street, a small bar overlooking the kitchen, seats for 35 – 40 max. A very unpretentious urban setting with a menu to match.

For example, Susan and I shared the Chicken Koftas, spicy, ground chicken that is formed into a small patty and fried. There was a fresh coriander sauce on the side that cooled the spice nicely.

Susan had a red and gold beet salad with crushed hazelnuts, grated ricotta salata and finished with a drizzle of hazelnut oil. The hazelnuts were a very pleasant surprise and really made the beets sing.

I had a plain house salad…their plain salad included the usual mesclun greens and red onion, but they added fresh apple slices, goat cheese, almonds and a novel vinaigrette that really played nicely off the bitter greens.

Then the entreé…Susan had Rainbow Trout with a brown butter pine nut sauce, delecately cooked and seasoned wonderfully.  I had the Mussel and Linguica Stew, full of wild caught Maine Mussels, Maine Shrimp and of course, Linguica. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Linguica, imagine a cross  between Kielbasa and Pepperoni, so the spiciness of the Linguica worked perfectly with the seafood.

All in all, a great experience with the extras that separate a good restaurant from a great restaurant…Small plates for entreés, Vegan and Vegetarian plates, a comprehensive wine list and best of all, a decedent dessert list with some of the best coffee I’ve had at a restaurant.


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