50th Annual Windjammer Days 6/24 – 6/27

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Once upon a time, in this land that we call home, there were greats ships that moved in and out of Boothbay Harbor.

The Welch House and Boothbay Harbor in the late 19c with multiple schooners
Boothbay Harbor from McKown Hill
in the late 19th century.

They carried ice from nearby ponds, there was a fishery and a fish oil company. We canned lobsters and made fertilizer. All the while great ships moved in and out of the harbor and were an integral part of the local lives. We sailed boats, fixed boats and made boats by hand. It was all about the boats.

During the 1930’s, Mill Cove, a shallow backwater of Boothbay Harbor, was a popular layup location for schooners. At least five large schooners, and probably several more, spent years in Mill Cove, awaiting their fates. The bones of two big schooners are still there, left to rot after their owners decided that there was no more money to be made from them.

You can still see those rotting hulls today, and for many years, that was the only reminder of the great sailing days and how important the industry was to Boothbay Harbor.

2012 Poster Contest Winner Pat Berger
2012 Poster Contest Winner
Pat Berger

Then, in the 60s, somebody had the great idea that we should gather Windjammers from across the State and invite them to Boothbay Harbor, under sail. Fifty years later we are still thrilling to the sight of a dozen or more Double- and Triple-Masted Schooners sailing into our harbor.

Participating Schooners this year include the Eastwind, the Heritage, the Lazyjack, the American Eagle, the Harvey Gamage, the Spirit of Massachusetts, the Timberwind, the Nathaniel Bowditch, the Lewis R. French, the Amistad, the Sherman Zwicker and the Bowdoin.

Download the entire schedule of events here.We still have some availability on Sunday the 24th and Monday the 25th, so take a few days off and join us for Windjammer Days!